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Healing with Gemstones..

"Energy is the new religion"

Meet The Founder

Sonali was born and raised in Jaipur, studied in Mumbai and Italy.
Being a sixth generation jeweller, the love for gemstones just came very naturally.
Attending gem and jewelry trade shows across the globe with her father shaped her passion for coloured gemstones and their breathtaking diversity.
“I grew up to be a strong believer in energy and vibrations. The more I studied about gemstones and their unique healing properties I knew I had to bring this concept out in a more functional way and so
Gemtherapy was born.”
- Sonali

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Why Gemtherapy?

The idea behind doing what we do

Therapy means to heal, so GemTherapy essentially means to heal through gemstones.

We want to achieve this by packing the powerful energy of stones into everyday home essentials.

Gemtherapy is a Neat, simple way to turn daily Basics into constructive problem solvers as each gemstone carries its own healing properties, providing a unique solution. The products are as loved for self use and even more as gifts!

Objects d’arte : The idea remains to amalgamate gemstones with other natural elements, to elevate your space, so it can look like works of art and not medicine.

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The Inspiration

Utility along with a story..

The base of design at Rosado is to create products that take in the powerful energy of crystals while serving a purpose and yet remain aesthetically appealing. An effective way to have gemstones around you effortlessly.

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