Agate Candle holder - Green

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  • Placed in the house or office, this agate candle will illuminate the space with an immense amount of positive vibes.
  • The agate candle holder makes for a very meaningful gift during festive season or for someone embarking on a new journey, stepping warmy into new beginnings.
  • Agate is believed to have a strengthening and soothing energy. The unique banded and crystalline texture of agate is owed to the solidification of molten lava over years of compression.
  • You can use the GemTherapy Candle every evening for soothing the soul and welcoming warm, positive vibrations into your life. 

Weight: 200 Grams 

Size: 4x4 Inches 

Note: Each stone forms its own unique pattern over thousands of years inside the earth. No two stones look the same so what you possess belongs purely to you and you alone. Our agate product has been subtly dyed to enhance this texture, and carefully electroplated to highlight its beauty.

  • Delivered within 5-7 business days.
  • Sanitised and safe.
  • Each Gemtherapy box is an experience with its signature pine green box and blush pink ribbon.
Dispatches within no od days
Sanitised and safe
Premium Packing

Healing you one gemstone at a time, know the material that makes this product.

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